Pixie with Ball

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Pixie with Ball

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A-112, Pixie with Ball

Height: 2 ½”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates: 1950-51 [?]

Mold Book Name: Pixie, throw 

Notes: This pixie is holding a ball, which can be brown or metallic gold.

There are two mold versions for Pixie with Ball, 1. Head down, outstretched arm straight (probably the first version), 2. Head up, outstretched arm bent. The Version 1 Pixie shown here is missing his leaf hat. 

The Pixies are not listed on the order forms. All are rare. They may have been only test marketed (at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California) around 1950-1951. Some are standing on a thin green ceramic leaf. 

The Pixies are decorated very individually, with few alike. Known clothing colors are: pink tunic/blue jacket, yellow tunic/green jacket, blue tunic/yellow jacket. They have brown hair. The hats were molded separately and have blue or yellow petals. One Pixie with a bisque face is known; others are gloss. Another Pixie has wire antennae like a snail. Other variations probably exist.

Other pixies in the mold book are 117 Pixie girl, 118 Pixie leap, 120 Pixie girl nude, 121 Pixie girl curtsey, 122 Pixie nude kneeling, 123 Pixie girl prone [used on a Walker-Renaker piece], 124 Pixie girl sitting [used on a Specialties piece; others may have been used on Specialties pieces as well].

In 2000, several of the molds were reissued on bases as Specialties.

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