Persian Cat, reclining

Persian Cat, reclining

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A-207, Persian Cat, reclining

Height: 1 ¼”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

F1953-S1954, as “Fluffy Cat, reclining” (Blue-grey/lined green eyes, Orange/lined eyes, Blue-grey/lined blue eyes [rare])

F1968, as “Lying Persian Cat” (Dark grey/orange eyes)

F1971, as “Lying Fluffy Cat” (Calico [rare])

S1975-F1978, as “Lying Persian” (Dark grey/green eyes)

F1989-F2001, as “Persian Cat Mama” (White/dot eyes, White/blue eyes)

Mold Book Name:Cat, Persian, lying

Notes: The mold was reworked around 1975-76. The revised mold has a slimmer tail and more fur detail. A first-mold white colorway exists, but is less common than the second-mold white colorway.

Category: CATS
Sub-Category: Longhaired Cats