Persian Cat Mama, seated

Persian Cat Mama, seated

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A-018, Persian Cat Mama, seated

Height: 1 ½”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1962-F1963, as “Persian Cat” (Matte white/brown points/blue eyes)

F1968, as “Mama Fluffy Cat” (Grey [rare])

S1969. as “Mama Persian Cat” (Blueberry [rare])

S1973; S1975-F1978, F1981-S1989, as “Persian Cat” (White with blue or black eyes, Raspberry [white with pink underglaze])

F1989-F1997, as “Persian Cat Papa” (White with blue or black eyes)

Mold Book Name: Cat, mama, fluffy

Notes: The dates of the Raspberry colorway are uncertain. The White colorway varies from bright white to cream to very pale grey. All colorways have a matching kitten, A-019.

Category: CATS
Sub-Category: Longhaired Cats