Morgan Stallion, “Shiloh”

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Morgan Stallion, “Shiloh”

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3261, Morgan Stallion, “Shiloh”

Height: 3 1/16”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates: S1998-F2000

Mold Book Name: Morgan Stallion

Notes: In 1998, the factory held a contest to name this and other new Specialties horse molds, with each winner being awarded a prize, the test piece for the horse they had named. The name “Shiloh” was submitted by Mindy Binkley.

This piece was reissued in 2007 in charcoal as a miniature, A-3261. A dun or chestnut Special Run was also produced. See under Miniatures, New Morgan Stallion, for more information.

Sub-Category: Specialties Horses