Dalmatian/Beagle Mama

Dalmatian/Beagle Mama

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A-497, Dalmatian/Beagle Mama                                 

Height: 2”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

F1961[-S1962?], as “Mama Dog” (Tricolor)

F1978-S1987, as “Pointer” (Cream/brown spots)

F1987-2021, as “Dalmatian” (White/black spots, White/black spatter spots)

Mold Book Name: Dog sitting

Notes: The S1962 order form lists A-496, Papa Dog, but shows a drawing of A-497. A-497 is probably the piece that was produced that season.

1980s examples of the Dalmatian colorway have large round spots or spatter spots. Later dogs have smaller round spots. The final dogs made had few spots, and a distinctive marking of parallel elongated spots on the chest.

Category: DOGS
Sub-Category: Mutts