Hippo Mama, on hind legs

Hippo Mama, on hind legs

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A-408, Hippo Mama, on hind legs                   

Height: 2”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

F1958-S1959, as “Mama Hippopotamus” (Grey/detailed eyes/rose muzzle [first version])

F1966; S1969-F1980, as “Mama Hippopotamus” (Dark grey/rose muzzle [first and second versions])

F1987-F1988, as “Hippopotamus” (Light grey/pink muzzle [second version])

Mold Book Name: Hippo, Mama

Notes: This mold was reduced in size in the 1970s, to 1 ½”.

Category: WILDLIFE
Sub-Category: Other Large Mammals