Hackney Pony, Brookside Stella

Hackney Pony, Brookside Stella

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B-644 Hackney Pony, Brookside Stella

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 5 ½”

Production Dates:

F1956-S1958, as “Hackney Pony” (gloss bay; rectangular wooden base)

S1983-S1985, as “Hackney Mare (w/base)” (bay, gloss or matte; ceramic base)

2008, Special Run for Breyerfest (50 each in gloss grey or charcoal, on thin beige ceramic base)

Mold Book Name:  Hackney

Notes: Although the name “Brookside Stella” does not appear on order forms, stickers, or in the Mold Book, some Hackney Ponies had a sticker applied under the base which explained that it was a portrait model of the real Brookside Stella.

The San Marcos (1980s) version had a metal rod added between the base and the horse’s belly for stability.

Sub-Category: Horses Gaited, Drafter, Pony