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5005, Fluffy

Height: 1″

Designer: Don Winton

Production Dates:

F1955, as “Pup #2 (Lady’s Pup)”

S1956-F1959, as “Fluffy”

Mold Book Name: Fluffy

Notes: Fluffy was issued on a card which read Lady’s Puppy, Fluffy, from the cast of Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, Reproduced by Hagen-Renaker Potteries, Monrovia, CA (c) Walt Disney Productions.”

This mold was later reissued as a Miniature, A-091 Cocker Pup, with different colors and detail. Only pieces which closely resemble the photo here are Disney issues. Miniature reissues of Disney pieces are called Non-Disneys by collectors.

Some Disney pieces have less detail than usual, especially in the eyes (so they are often called “dot-eyed versions.”) Dot-eyed Disney pieces are nevertheless easy to distinguish from regular runs because of the general style and colors used.

There are theories that dot-eyed Disneys may have been made toward the end of the run as a cost-cutting measure, or possibly released several years later than the order forms indicate. 1961 and 1965 are sometimes put forward as possible release dates.

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