Fluffy Cat Papa

Fluffy Cat Papa

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A-353, Fluffy Cat Papa

Height: 1 ¾”

Designer: Martha Armstrong

Production Dates:

F1957-S1958, as “Persian Cat” (White, tail out [rare]; White on blue pillow [htf])

F1968-S1969, as “Papa Fluffy Cat” (White; Grey [rare])

Mold Book Name: Cat, Persian, sitting, pillow

Notes: The F1957 and S1958 price sheets show a drawing of this cat with the tail out, but the tail-out cat is very rare and fragile, and the mold was probably reworked with the tail in before this run ended. The Mold Book name indicates that the cat was originally conceived of as sitting on a pillow. The exact dates of the release with pillow are not known, but for this reason it was probably also in the 1957-58 period.

Category: CATS
Sub-Category: Longhaired Cats