Father Goose

Father Goose

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A-269, Father Goose   

Height: 2 ¼”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

F1955-F1956, as “Mother Goose” (Shaded brown/white, flower attached by wire to white w/blue ribbon or yellow hat)

S1967-S1969, as “Goose” (White/blue hat, White/pink hat)

F1969-S1976, as “Mother Goose” (White/blue hat, White/pink hat)

F1976-S1992, as “Father Goose” (White/yellow cowboy hat/black boots, White/yellow cowboy hat/brown boots)

Mold Book Name: Goose, mama

Notes: The Mold Book mentions a parasol as an accessory for A-269, but it was never produced.

Category: BIRDS
Sub-Category: Ducks Geese Swans