Early Cygnet, standing 

Early Cygnet, standing 

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A-64, Early Cygnet, standing              

Height: 1 1/8”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1950-F1950, as “Standing Cygnet” (Yellow, closed eyes; Yelllow, dot eyes)

Mold Book Name: Swan, standing 

Notes: There is a theory that A-64 and A-65 were re-released in 1970-71 with dot eyes, in tandem with the A-66 Swan Mama, but there is no evidence of this; they do not appear on any 1970s order forms and the dot-eyed version has been found in a 1950s-only collection owned by a factory employee.

Category: BIRDS
Sub-Category: Ducks Geese Swans