Donkey Baby, short legs

Donkey Baby, short legs

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A-151, Donkey Baby, short legs

Height: 1 5/8”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates:

F1951-S1953, as “Baby Burro” (Dark grey, Brown, Olive/white [htf])

S1967, as “Baby Burro” (Golden brown [?])

F1977-F1978, as “Baby Donkey” (Sorrel [small version])

Mold Book Name: Donkey,baby—burro

Notes: This mold was revised in 1978. The revised version is smaller (about 1 1/8”) and has less detail. Only the sorrel colorway was made with the revised mold; see comparison photo.

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: Donkeys Mules Zebras