Coin Turtle

Coin Turtle

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A-332, Coin Turtle

Height: 1 ¼”

Designer: Don Winton

Production Dates:

S1957-F1957, as “Mama Turtle” (Dark green/solid gold shell)

F1970-F1972, as “Papa Turtle” (Green)

F1981-F1984, as “Tortoise (Dark brown)

F1989-2021, as “Coin Turtle” (Light green [revised mold])

2006, as FS33211, Special Run for Little-Shoppe feng shui (Gold)

2006, as FS3321 [A-479 atop A-332] Special Run for Little-Shoppe feng shui (Light green)

Mold Book Name: Turtle, mama

Notes: This is also known as Tortoise, style 1. The mold was revised in 1989, when the name Coin Turtle was first used. The neck and legs are much shorter on the new mold.

Sub-Category: Turtles and Tortoises