Circus Pony, head up

Circus Pony, head up

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A-266, Circus Pony, head up

Height: 1 ¾”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

F1955-S1956, as “Circus Pony (head up)” (White, gold harness, red plume)

S1980-F1983, as “Circus Horse, head up” (White w/ pink, yellow, green, maroon, or lilac [rare] harness. Other colorways may exist.)

2020, as ”Sleigh Bells,” 12 made by Hagen-Renaker Tennessee and sold via lottery to HR Collector’s Club members for $250 ppd (Roan, black harness)

Mold Book Name: Pony, Circus, head up

Notes: Earlier pieces in the 1955-56 run have a scalloped edge to the gold bridle and harness; later pieces have a straight edge.

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: Ponies