Chihuahua puppy, begging

Chihuahua puppy, begging

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A-338, Chihuahua puppy, begging

Height: 7/8”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates:

S1957-F1957, as “Baby Chihuahua” (Tan, eye detail)

F1959, F1963-S1974, as “Chihuahua puppy” (Tan, with or without eye detail)

F1974-S1981, as “Chihuahua pup” (Tan, dot eyes)

S2009-2021, as “Chihuahua pup (brown/black)” (Red-brown, Black and brown)

April-June 2010, as A-03382, Special Run for Little-Shoppe, 50 made (Green)

Mold Book Name: Chihuahua, baby      

Notes: This piece is frequently mistaken for a mouse.

Category: DOGS
Sub-Category: Toy