Bullfrog Papa / Frog Prince

Bullfrog Papa / Frog Prince

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A-344, Bullfrog Papa / Frog Prince

Height: 1”

Designer: Martha Armstrong

Production Dates:

F1957-F1958, as “Mama Frog” (Green & yellow)

F1970-F1973, as “Papa Bullfrog” (Green)

F1975-2021, as “Frog Prince” (Green/gold crown, with solid or spotted skin, Green/white crown)

F2004-S2008, as A-3441 “Frog Princess” (Green/gold tiara/closed eyes with eyelashes or dot eyes)

2006, as FS3442 “Frog” Special Run for Little-Shoppe feng shui (Gold )

2006, as FS3442K “Frog Prince” Special Run for Little-Shoppe feng shui (Gold)

Mold Book Name: Frog, mama

Notes: The crown adds an extra ¼” inch to the height of this piece. The frogs with white crowns may be unfinished “seconds,” as the white crown is very often misplaced.

Sub-Category: Frogs and Toads