(Bug Band) Beetle with Flute

(Bug Band) Beetle with Flute

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A-248, (Bug Band) Beetle with Flute

Height: 1”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1955, as “Ladybug & Saxophone” (Pink/blue body, gold saxophone, wire antennae [rare])

F1955, as “Ladybug and Cymbal” (Pink & blue/gold cymbal. wire antennae [rare])

S1981-S1984, as ”Beetle with Flute” (Striped yellow body/black legs, silver flute)

Mold Book Name:Beetle, Piccolo

Notes: The arms were molded separately and positioned to allow the Beetle to hold the various instruments. A rare 1955 Beetle with Piccolo exists, but does not appear on the order forms.

The Beetle with Saxophone is listed separately in the Mold Book, as A-229. The main difference between the two is that the Saxophone Beetle has its mouth open; the Cymbal Beetle has it closed. Some Cymbal Beetles have been found in the open-mouth version; see photo.

Sub-Category: Insects