Boxed Nativity Set

Boxed Nativity Set

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3000, Boxed Nativity Set

Height: 2 3/8” [Joseph and Old Wise Man]

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates: F1990-present

as “Boxed Nativity Set, 6 pieces” S1992-present

Notes: The F1990 through F1991 order forms state, “Includes: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Old Wise Man, Kneeling Wise Man and Nubian Wise Man.”

The Mold Book numbers, names, and original colorways are: 

3000 Madonna (white scarf, light blue and white robes)

3001 Baby Jesus (dark brown manger on yellow straw)

3002 Joseph (dark brown robes)

3003 Oldest King (dark red and green robes)

3004 Nubian King (yellow turban, green and white robes)

3005 Kneeling King (purple robes)

The S1999 order form notes that the Nativity Set has “new colors.” The new colorways were: 

3000 Madonna (dark blue and white scarf, dark iridescent blue and white robes)

3001 Baby Jesus (Solid brown manger and straw base)

3002 Joseph (iridescent blue robes to 2020; brown robes from 2021)

3003 Oldest King (cream and salmon robes)

3004 Nubian King (white and orange-red turban, orange-red robes)

3005 Kneeling King (green robes)

Mold Book Name: Madonna (3000); Baby Jesus (3001); Joseph (3002); Oldest King (3003); Nubian King (3004); Kneeling King (3005)

Notes: Other colorways may exist. In all comparison photos, the original version is on the left. 

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