Box Turtle Mama

Box Turtle Mama

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A-419, Box Turtle Mama

Height: 5/8”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1960-F1961, as “Turtle” (Aurasperse green/brown)

S1962, as “Papa Turtle” (Green/red & yellow markings, Green/mottled brown shell)

F1962-F1971, F1972-F1980, F1981-2021, as “Mama Turtle” (Green, red & yellow markings; Green/mottled brown shell, Solid green)

Oct.-Dec. 2021, as "Mama Turtle final edition" (Light green, yellow-orange shell). [See FAQs for Final Edition details.]

Mold Book Name: Turtle

Notes: This piece was originally shown, in 1960-1961, paired with A-407 Toadstool. Note that the name “Box Turtle” is a collector name only and was not used by Hagen-Renaker.

Sub-Category: Turtles and Tortoises