Blue-Footed Booby 

Blue-Footed Booby 

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A-2019, Blue-Footed Booby                

Height: 2 1/4″ 

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

1989–unreleased (Cream and brown, blue bill and feet)

Mold Book Name: Blue-Footed Booby

Notes: A number of Blue-Footed Boobies were made in 1989 but were not released. In 2001, two boxes of unfinished birds were discovered at the factory (the final coat of luster had not been applied). They were made available to members of the Hagen-Renaker Collector’s Club for the cost of postage. 

At least one example exists of a companion piece, a Blue-Footed Booby in a ”walking” position with one foot up.

Sub-Category: Specialties Birds