Bloodhound, seated

Bloodhound, seated

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A-077, Bloodhound, seated

Height: 2”

Designer: Don Winton

Production Dates:

F1966-F1968, as “Bloodhound” (Dark brown, yellow tag, open mouth)

S1985-F1988, as A-854 “Bloodhound” (Tan, black ears, white muzzle, open mouth; small revised mold)

F2008-2021, as A-5013 “Bloodhound” (Red-brown, orange [earlier] or blue [later] collar, tongue visible)

Mold Book Name: Bloodhound

Notes: A-077 was the Disney Trusty mold.

In 1985 the mold was reworked by Nell Bortels. Called A-854, this revised version is slightly smaller (1 ½”).

In 2008, the factory reverted to the original mold, using the number A-5013. 5013 was the Disney model number.

Category: DOGS
Sub-Category: Hounds