Mustang, King Cortez, smooth mane

Mustang, King Cortez, smooth mane

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B-672 Mustang, King Cortez, smooth mane

Designer: Maureen Love

Height: 8”

Production Dates:

1957, as “Wild Horse (Rearing) palomino/black” (matte black or palomino)

S1958, as “Wild Horse (Rearing) white/palomino” ;

F1958, as “Wild Horse (Rearing)”;

S1959-F1959, as “Wild Horse ‘King Cortez’ white/palomino”;

S1960-F1961, as “Rearing Horse ‘King Cortez’”;

S1962-F1962, as “Rearing Horse white/palomino”;

S1963-S1964, as “Rearing Horse ‘King Cortez’” (matte white or palomino)

F1964-F1967, as “Rearing Horse ‘King Cortez’ brown/palomino” (matte brown or palomino)

2001-2006, as “King Cortez” (Limited Edition to celebrate opening of HR factory website. 1000 total produced in gloss white (2001-2006), gloss palomino (2003-2006), or gloss charcoal (2006 only), on base. Gloss charcoal was used for the final 88 models only. Retail price was $120.)

Mold Book Name: Horse, Rearing

Notes: This mold was reworked as B-41, King Cortez, pointed mane, which was made in San Marcos only (1980s). The revised mold has more pronounced mane detail and other minor differences.

Sub-Category: Horses Quarter Mustang Appaloosa