American Saddle Bred

American Saddle Bred

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A-458, American Saddle Bred

Height: 3”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

S1959-F1963; S1967-S1971, as “Saddlebred, white/brown” (Matte brown, Matte white)

2006-2008, as “Magic,” Special Run for HRCC, 1000 total were made in black, 250 of each of four ribbon colors (Black with blue, red, green, or platinum ribbons, with solid face, star, or blaze, on base. Issue price $35)

2007-2008, Special Run for HRCC, 30 each were made in four body colors (120 total). Buyer also chose one of four ribbon colors. (Chestnut, buckskin, grey or palomino with blue, red, green or platinum ribbons, on base. Issue price $35)

Mold Book Name: Horse, Saddlebred    

Notes: This is also known as American Saddle Bred, Style 1.

Category: HORSES
Sub-Category: All other horses