Girl with Cat

3112, Girl with Cat

Height: 2 3/8”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates: S1993-S1994, as Girl w/Cat (Blue dress, orange-brown hair, tan cat)

 F1999-F2001, as Girl Holding Cat (1st version: Bright pink-red dress, dark brown hair, grey and white cat.  2nd version: Green dress, blonde hair, grey and white cat.)

Mold Book Name: Girl w/Cat

Notes: Additional colorways are possible.

Misty of Chincoteague

A-3038, Misty of Chincoteague

Height: 3 ¼”

Designer: Maureen Love

Production Dates:

1993 (Light brown pinto, with or without attached stool)

Mold Book Name: Misty

Notes: This mold was retailed by the Breyer Animal Company. The first 200 pieces were sold with the stool permanently attached to the hoof. These experienced excessive breakage during shipping, so thereafter, the pony and stool were sold unattached.

This piece is Specialties size but was listed as a Miniature in the Charlton Guide.

Cartoon Horse

A-5013, Cartoon Horse

Height: 2 3/4”

Designer: Martha Armstrong

Production Dates:

2019-2021 (Light chestnut, green and black saddle)

2019, Factory error color. 38 made in error and sold at Breyerfest 2019 by The Horse You Want/Heather Wells (Dark brown)

Mold Book Name: Horse

Notes: This is a reissue of the Disney “Samson” mold from Sleeping Beauty. It was sold as a Specialties piece, although other Disney reissued pieces were categorized as Miniatures. 

Light and dark versions exist; see comparison photo. The light version was earlier than the darker one in this photo.

Mermaid with Lobster

5068, Mermaid with Lobster

Height: 2 ¼”

Designer: (Mermaid) Don Winton; (Lobster) Robert McGuinness

Production Dates: F2001-S2004

Mold Book Name: Mermaid (kneeling); Lobster

Notes: The Mermaid is a reissue of the Disney Mermaid from Peter Pan, #5068. The Lobster was issued as a Miniature as A-3354.

Spanish Horse

4050, Spanish Horse


Designer: Kristina Lucas Francis

Production Dates: 2017-2021 [white]

2017, Special Run for Hagen-Renaker Collector’s Club members, 125 made [buckskin]

Notes: This is the last piece listed in the original Hagen-Renaker Mold Book. 

Tourister Bird

4020, Tourister Bird


Designer: Bob McGuinness

Production Dates: as Blue Tourister Bird, F2006-F2007

as 40201, Yellow Tourister Bird, F2006-F2007

Notes: A camera suspended on a string around the neck was tested as an accessory for this bird, but was not included with the production run.

Mold Book Name: Bird “Tourister”