A-392, Atomizer                                         

Height: 5/8”

Designer: Will Climes

Production Dates:

F1959-F1960 (Pale pink; Blue [rare])

Mold Book Name: Atomizer

Notes: This was an accessory for A-95, Classic Mama Skunk, and A-84, Classic Baby Skunk. The Atomizers in boxed Skunk sets are typically pale pink.

Grand Piano

A-808, Grand Piano

Height: 1 3/8”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

S1982-present, as “Piano (black)” (Black)

S1983-S1987, as “Piano (white)” (White)

[dates unknown] Special Run (Gold)

Mold Book Name: Piano           

Notes: The black Grand Piano was originally paired with the Piano Bears, A-807 and A-808, and the white Piano with A-494, Panda on three legs, white chest. The Grand Piano is also an accessory for A-814 Piano-Playing Frog, arms raised, and A-3285 Piano-Playing Frog, arms forward.

Dog Dish

A-2008, Dog Dish

Height: 3/8”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates:

S1988-F1992 (Blue w/”Dog” in gold)

Mold Book Name: Dog dish

Notes: The order forms show the Old English font. Various font styles exist.

Piano Bench

A-3125, Piano Bench

Height: 1”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

F1993-F1994 (Brown bench, purple cushion with or without flower decal)

Mold Book Name: Piano stool

Notes: The Piano Bench was available with and without an attached kitten (A-3125-1)

Upright Piano

A-3124, Upright Piano

Height: 2 ¼”

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates:

F1993-present, as “Upright Piano” (Brown)

Mold Book Name: Upright Piano

Notes: This is also known as Piano, Style 2. It forms a set with A-3125, Piano Bench, and A-3125-1, Kitten on Piano Bench.

Grocery Bag

A-3087, Grocery Bag

Height: 7/8”

Designer: Robert McGuinness

Production Dates:

F1992-S1994 (Brown, black lettering “Groceries”)

2007, Special Run for Little-Shoppe (Yellow/black lettering “Little-Shoppe”)

Mold Book Name: Grocery Bag

Notes: This was an accessory for A-3088, Siamese Bag Kitten. An error of the Special Run exists with an overly large typeface (see photo).


A-998, Armchair

Height: 1 ½”

Designer: Maxine Renaker

Production Dates:

S1976-S1979, as “Chair” (Blue with white trim; cream with brown trim [rare])

Mold Book Name: Chair

Notes: This was an accessory for A-997 Armchair Kitten. The kitten was never sold attached to the chair. A smaller Japan copy of the Armchair/Kitten set exists.

Milk Bowl

A-383, Milk Bowl

Height: ¼”

Designer: Will Climes

Production Dates:

F1959-S1960; F1963, as “Bowl of Milk” (Blue bisque or yellow bisque, empty or with white gloss milk)

Mold Book Name: Milk Bowl

Notes: This was sold as an accessory to A-385 Persian Cat Mama, standing and A-386 Persian Kitten, playing.

Spilled Milk

A-239A, Spilled Milk

Height: ¾”

Designer: Tom Masterson

Production Dates:

S1957; F1958-F1961, as “Milk Bucket” (Silver/white)

S1962-F1971, as A-239 “Milk Bucket” (Silver/white)

F1972-S1974, as “Spilled Milk Bucket” (Silver/white)

F1974-F2000; F2006-F2007, as “Spilled Milk Pail” (Silver/white)

[dates unknown] Special Run (Gold)

2019, as “Slip Bucket,” Special Run by Hagen-Renaker Tennessee. Approximately 65 were made and distributed randomly to Hagen-Renaker Collector’s Club members in February 2019. (White bucket, grey milk, pearl bead on handle)

Mold Book Name: Bucket

Notes: Monrovia spilled milk buckets are silver inside. San Dimas buckets are all white inside. As the mold number indicates, the Spilled Milk was originally an accessory for A-239, Butting Kid. It was also paired with A-369, Tiny Kitten, drinking.

There are rumors that some spilled milk buckets were painted to resemble wood. I have not seen one which is definitely Hagen-Renaker, but there is a very good Japan copy which was painted to look like wood (see photo). 

Milk Bottle

A-053, Milk Bottle

Height: 1 ¼”

Designer: Will Climes

Production Dates:

F1959, as “Milk Bottle” (White/gold foil seal)

F1963, as “Bottle of Milk” (White [may not have foil seal])

Mold Book Name: Milk Bottle   

Notes: This was sold as an accessory to Cats A-054 Papa Cat, A-055 Curious Kitty, and A-056 Stalking Kitten.