Anvil, short

A-394, Anvil, short

Height: 1”

Designer: unknown

Production Dates:

F2008-S2011 (Silver/brown)

Mold Book Name: none

Notes: This is an Arcadia Ceramics design. When it was introduced to the line in 2008, it was given the same number as the Tall Anvil.

Leaf for Pixie

A-131, Leaf for Pixie

Width: 2 1/2″

Designer: Helen Perrin Farnlund

Production Dates: 1950 [?} (green; orange with brown edges) [rare]

Mold Book Name: Leaf, Pixie

Notes: This piece was apparently sculpted as an accessory for A-124, Pixie, butterfly, which does not sit alone and needs a support. The Pixie can be perched on a Monarch butterfly or on this leaf. More colorways may exist

Boxed Frogs Set

Boxed Frogs Set

This set comprises A-448, Frog Mama, and A-477, Frog Baby.

F78, as #448 “2 Frogs” (gloss green)

Boxed Teddies Set

Boxed Teddies Set

This set comprises A-465, Teddy Bear Mama; A-466, Teddy Bear, Big Brother; and A-467, Teddy Bear, Little Brother.

F78, as #465 “3 Teddy Bears”

Boxed Ducks Set

Boxed Ducks Set

This set comprises A-319, Duck Papa, seated; A-364 Short-billed Duck Mama; and A-365, Short-Billed Duck Baby.

F78, as #319 “3 Ducks” (gloss brown cubs and bee’s nest)

Boxed Pelicans Set

Boxed Pelicans Set

This set comprises A-041, Pelican, and A-042, Pelican Baby.

F59, as Set “O”

F78, as #101 “2 Pelicans”

Boxed Owls and Book Set

Boxed Owls and Book Set

This set comprises A-421, Barn Owl; A-422, Barn Owl Baby; and A-421B, Book

S1960-S1961, as Set “P”(Owls: Aurasperse grey and yellow; book Aurasperse red with gloss white pages, black writing)