Do cards and stickers add value?

Current factory cards do not add significant value to Hagen-Renakers. Most collectors remove new Miniatures from cards.

Older cards (pre-1990s) and stickers are interesting artifacts and part of Hagen-Renaker history, so I do not recommend removing them, but again, they rarely justify an increased price for a Miniature. Cards and stickers can, however, add value to Designer’s Workshop, Pedigree Dog, Disney, and other lines.

Are tests and factory errors valuable?

Test molds, of which the factory made a few test pieces but never produced, are always desirable.

Test colors (marked as such with handwritten numbers or letters on the base or bottom of piece) are variable. The market for these is generally slim. In general, test colors on “popular” molds such as dogs, cats, or horses carry a higher value than others. 

Factory errors are generally less valuable than tests. Pieces with errors such as unpainted eyes and missing gold on unicorn horns or hooves are considered “seconds” by the factory and are usually destroyed. Occasionally such errors escape the factory and are interesting curiosities, but they rarely command increased prices.

Do damaged pieces have any value?

Yes! Never discard broken or chipped Hagen-Renakers. Some rare pieces and most older horses are still quite desirable even with broken or missing pieces.

While common pieces may have a very low value when damaged, it is generally not too hard to find a collector who will take them off your hands, which is certainly preferable to throwing them away. 

How can I find the value of my piece?

If it is a colorway which is still being produced, check the website of an online Hagen-Renaker dealer or eBay for the current retail price.

If it is a retired colorway or mold, the best place to look is in “Sold” (not “Active” or “Completed”) listings on eBay. Prices for Active or Completed listings may be unreasonably high.

Many Hagen-Renakers are rare or hard-to-find, and seldom come up for sale, making it difficult to find recently sold examples. I have indicated which molds and colorways are “Rare” and “Hard-to-Find [htf]” The value of rare and hard-to-find colorways is generally at least two to three times greater than common colorways.